Know what to expect and have your questions answered before making important decisions that affect your life

Every marriage- even the most successful ones- experience difficulties.  Before deciding if you want to end your marriage, find out what that will mean for you. Information provided by loved ones, friends and co-workers, while well meaning, is rarely accurate, as their experience or situation is not the same as yours.  On-line information is also not specific to your case or necessarily accurate.  Scheduling a consultation to find out about the divorce process, what custody and support might look like for you or your property division/financial future is invaluable information to have before making a decision regarding the future of your relationship.  

Should you decide to move forward with ending your relationship, clients who have had accurate information beforehand often have better outcomes. Since they are aware of the issues in their case and the documents they might need, they can prepare themselves emotionally and gather information prior to filing for a divorce or being served with dissolution paperwork,

As part of a pre-divorce consultation, you will also learn about the different approaches that would best fit your case- whether it be Mediation, Collaborative, Negotiation or Litigation.  Many clients who choose to enter into mediation attend without an attorney.  In that case, they often schedule a pre-mediation consultation.  In that meeting, the mediation process will be reviewed, the issues in your case will be discussed and you will enter mediation well-prepared, with options to present and with the knowledge you need to be successful.  Very often, clients consult with us during the entire mediation process so they are aware of their rights & responsibilities. We also attend mediation sessions with our clients as needed.