Identifying, characterizing and valuing property can be one of the most complicated and highly charged aspects of a divorce

Identification and characterization of property is especially prevalent in complex divorces, where the parties have substantial assets, assets acquired prior to marriage, assets located overseas or divorces where at least one spouse has a high net worth or where the parties own several businesses.  Although every divorce is unique, there are sources of conflict common to many high asset divorce cases, including characterizing, valuing, and dividing the following:

A divorce that includes complex property division requires professionals that have a strong background and experience in this area so that all assets can be accounted for and valued. In addition to our expertise in complex property division and businesses, we have established relationships with specialists such as tax attorneys, certified divorce financial analysts, CPA’s, financial planners, forensic accountants and appraisers.  Even when complex property issues are present,  many of them can be settled through Mediation, Collaborative or Negotiation.  Court intervention is often not necessary or required.