Divorce or Legal Separation is one of life’s most stressful situations

Entering into a relationship is often easy, but legal termination of a marriage or domestic partnership can be quite complicated, especially where children are involved.  The facts and circumstances of each divorce are unique and should be assessed and managed on an individual basis. Divorcing couple over 50 have very different concerns compared to couples with small children, couples who have a business or couples with a high net worth.

Whether a client is considering filing for divorce, has already filed for divorce or has been served with divorce paperwork, it is important to ask the right questions in order to assess the case and advise him or her both on strategy and on the most effective approach to resolving the case.  Clients must know their legal rights and obligations as applied to their specific situations.  After listening to a client’s concerns and goals and obtaining some preliminary information, we provide options for a course of action.  Perhaps Mediation or the Collaborative process is right for one client. Another may have circumstances that make litigation necessary.  Sometimes doing nothing right now is the correct decision.  If a client is already in Mediation, perhaps he or she just needs a consulting attorney to advise him or her throughout the dissolution or to review a settlement agreement.  

Regardless of our clients’ circumstances, we are strong advocates to help them reach their goals in all aspects of the divorce process and we work hard to make sure they obtain the best result with the least amount of emotional and financial cost.