An experienced, neutral mediator can assist parties in reaching a joint solution for almost any family law issue, all in a confidential, comfortable environment

During mediation the mediator does not represent either person but acts as a “neutral” who identifies the various issues in your case and helps you work through any conflicts by generating settlement options.  Ultimately, an agreement is crafted by the participants themselves.  The mediation process is confidential, so that the parties are free to discuss various settlement solutions without worrying they might be used against them in court.  While many dissolutions are settled using this process, any issue can be mediated, including the terms of stand-alone custody agreements, post judgment settlements and premarital agreements.

Ms. Setzer has helped parties successfully mediate and settle their cases since 2010.  She also serves as a consulting attorney, advising clients before and during the mediation process, and attends mediation sessions with them as well.